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Dec 20, 2018

In this episode of the OBM Podcast I speak with Dan Condon, Music Editor at Australian Radio Station Double J. We talk about his musical upbringing, experiencing musical history in the American south, musicians in the internet age, life as a music journalist and more! 



Nov 25, 2018

After listening to some recent music podcasts where I recognised that certain 'best album' lists where created with the aim of highlighting only certain 'types' of artists, I share some thoughts about music segregation. 

Oct 13, 2018

20 years ago Ms. Lauryn Hill released a stone-cold classic album. She broke the mould, inspired a generation and built a lasting legacy as a solo artist. 20 years later, it's her only solo studio album. 

In this episode I talk about the album, the time that has passed since its release, what Lauryn has been doing in the...

Aug 30, 2018

What draws us in to connecting with certain songs or albums whilst not with others? I've been battling with this question myself and have finally reached a conclusion! 

In this episode, I talk about the essential ingredients in the music that I enjoy the most: emotion and feeling. 


Jul 22, 2018

Rob Esse talks passionately about the Montreux Jazz Festival, sharing why he loves absolutely everything about it and paying tribute to the festival founder, Claude Nobs, and his everlasting Montreux legacy.