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Mar 3, 2023

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There is more music available to us than ever before and the amount is only increasing. Many of us have limitless amounts of music available to us at any time, purely by subscribing to a streaming service.

But do we really need so much of it? Maybe less music in front of us could make for deeper listening. 

It's certainly great to have so much access but simultaneously it can create a huge mass of opaque choice, noise and distraction. Moreso, our constant search for what else is out there can make us ignore all the great albums we already know, which we could be listening to more frequently.  

I think it's important to strike a balance between listening more deeply to music we already know and finding new music to experience as well. 

For me, streaming music is generally for music discovery and convenience where needed. Whereas listening to vinyl records, CD's or digital files is for when it's time to appreciate music fully, which is to say, sitting down on a coach in front of a pair of speakers.